Indo Construction.

Indo Construction was born in 1992 Bangkok Thailand. Liberto Heras - Gomez and a few irreducible employees who followed him on many projects throughout the word founded Indo Construction in 1992. Most of these were Thai nationals, so it came naturally to settle the new company in Thailand and to focus its activity on building projects and maintenance service. Our aim is to provide an international standard of delivery and service. Indo Construction now employ 500 people.

The experience gained on large projects, where high qualification and resource management are key, is the major strength of Indo Construction, allowing us to give more quality in term of services and products to our customers.

The operations of Indo Construction are composed of the Construction Division and Mechanical division.

The first handles the superstructure building process from draft and design to full completion and operational status. The Mechanical Division handles the inner-structure installation process, also from draft and design to full operational status. This Division assures all maintenance programs for electricity (high and low power system), air conditioning and plumbing system. Indo Construction provides complete engineering studies and cost control services.